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Q. How is Vic Butcher different from other CPA's?

A. Vic works with each client on a one to one basis. There is no such thing as "outsourcing" work.

I return all calls within a 24 hour period, unless I am out of town. If I am out of the office, my answer machine will tell you when I will return.

I don't nickel and dime my clients. Unless you call me with a question that is going to require lots of research, there will be no charge.

I have a personality.

Q. What do you charge for your services?

A. It depends on what services you want. Please contact me on the Guest Book page and type in what you feel you need or give me a call at (901) 624-0886. I will get back to you with an estimated price, based on the information you provide me. I think you will be pleased with my pricing.

Q. I need life insurance. What company do you represent?

A. I represent about 20-30 different life insurance companies. If term insurance is what you need, we will use the company that sells the exact same product, but for less premiums. If a cash value product is necessary for reasons beyond just pure survivor's protection, we will us an "A" rated company with low expenses. This generally rules out the companies that spend lots of money sponsoring football games.

Q. How about health insurance? Whom do you represent?

A. For individual health insurance plans, I am licenses with approximately 10 different companies. Price wise, they are cyclical, so the company I use today because their benefits are most cost effective, may not be the company I use next year. For group carriers, it depends on the size of your group, as well as the overall health and ages.

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